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Keystone Voices

Keystone Voices, from Missouri, formed as a new trio in 2016. The two couples that came together to form this group are Micah & Courtney Turnbough and Daniel & Rachel Ross.  Best friends since middle school, Daniel and Micah have always wanted to be involved in each other’s musical adventures and this time they are bringing their wives along with them. Fortunately, God has called both Micah and Daniel to serve as full-time Worship Ministers in their churches. Daniel, the Sound Tech for Keystone Voices, recommended his wife Rachel to Micah and Courtney when they were searching for their 3rd vocalist. The group began rehearsing soon after and the rest is history! Courtney and Rachel alternate between Soprano and Alto, while Micah sings Tenor. Their youthful energy makes them fun to watch and their smiles are contagious. Seeing them in concert, you will hear great music, be encouraged, and have lots of laughs along the way.


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