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A Media Minute

by Rob Patz

SGN Scoops Magazine

Used by permission.


Rob: I am passionate about technology and media! I am also

passionate about spreading the gospel of Christ. Creatively

using media to advance the gospel makes my heart skip

a beat for sure! I have been blessed with people in our

industry that share this same passion. Occasionally in the

magazine, I will share our conversations and highlight

other ministries that are BROADCASTING the good news of

Jesus in song. This month I’m shining the spotlight on Ken

and Jean Grady of Gospel Music Today.


Rob: “Tell our readers how you got involved with Southern

Gospel Music.”

Ken: “Neither one of us grew up with southern gospel music.

Jean’s father was a Southern Baptist preacher in Oklahoma,

so the family was aware of southern gospel music,

but not really involved with it. I grew up in New England,

and didn’t even know that southern gospel existed. We

started watching The Statler Brothers on Saturday nights.

That led us to the Gaither Homecoming programs, and

before long our church choir, which Jean directed, was

singing southern gospel, and we were inviting southern

gospel quartets and groups to sing at our church in Rhode


Rob: “What are your backgrounds in broadcasting?”

Jean: “My background is in music, and my full time working

background is in the computer services industry. Ken’s

broadcasting background began with college radio, and

continued with American Forces Radio and Television in

the Army. Ken returned to teaching high school in Rhode

Island, still working part time in commercial radio, and

built an FM radio station at the school. When he retired

from teaching, one of his former students offered him a

job at WLNE TV, ABC6, in Providence, and he worked there

until we moved to Oklahoma.”

Rob: “What is your favorite feature on Gospel Music Today?”

Jean: “We like the “host chat” segment where we talk about

concerts we’ve attended and concerts that are coming

up, and show a live concert clip that we recorded on the

road. Our main purpose in doing this show is to encourage

people to go out and hear live southern gospel singing.

It’s also fun to record the interviews at NQC and have the

opportunity to “catch up” with all the artists.”

Rob: “If you could interview someone from southern gospel’s

past, who would it be and why?”

Ken: “When I interview guests on our show, I frequently

ask who their influences were in southern gospel, and the

number of times that they have responded with ‘George

Younce and Glen Payne’ has gone beyond what I can count.

Obviously, their legacy involves much more than singing

and I wish I had had the opportunity to talk to them.”

Jean: “I would have liked to spend the day with Vestal

Goodman. I really believe she and I would have had a

good time together.”

At the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards with the 2012 Pacesetter Award

American Forces Radio & Televison, 1970. That round object on the lower right is a record.

Shepherd of the Valley Gospel Choir, 1992. Jean is singing "There Is Coming A Great Day"

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